I am finally enjoying dentistry, reaping the rewards, and have begun building a satellite practice...


“A year ago, I received an ad in the mail about a company who could get me more new patients without signing onto some HMO or PPO, so I sent in the response card.  Soon I received a call from Vanguard Dental Management. When I realized that this was their way to introduce their practice improvement program, I thought ‘Oh no!!!! Not another one of those seminars that promise the world and don’t deliver!  I’ve been to too many of those already!’  So I declined their offer.


A few weeks later they called again, but this time I spent some time discussing some of the problems I was having with my practice. They demonstrated a real understanding of these problems and explained how [they] could help me resolve them. Curious about the whole thing, I thought ‘what the heck, I could probably pick up a few pointers, and they seemed to know exactly what I was talking about’.


After just two months, I started seeing a marked improvement in my production and collections. Six months later, I had doubled my production and collections. In the last three months I have consistently produced and collected three times more than before. After less than a year, I am well on my way to achieving financial independence through my practice.


At first, I was the typical, nay-saying dentist. Now I’ve learned what my dental school left out and all my dreams are finally coming true! By applying the principles I learned…I am finally enjoying dentistry, reaping the rewards, and have begun building a satellite practice. Thanks…you have saved my practice, and my life!”


D.B., D.M.D.




NOTE: These testimonials are based on the experiences of a few people and you may not have similar results. Since we do not own or run your practice and cannot directly oversee or participate in implementation, we cannot guarantee specific statistical results from enrolling in our programs. We have been able to observe varying levels of improvement, depending on the degree of frequent and regular communication clients have maintained with us, and how closely they have adhered to the principles we teach, as well as their level of dedication to accomplishing such improvement in their practice, and as modified by the level of improvement they themselves desire.

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