I have eliminated all HMOs and PPOs and am a full fee-for-service practice...


“After several years in practice on my own, my office was producing and collecting $50,000 per month, which was considered quite successful for that time. However there was always a struggle to pay the bills on time. I had just moved into a larger space but was unable to update the facility or purchase any newer tech because of my lack of money. I was not able to hire and retain the staff I needed to make my practice run the way it should. The stress and the hopelessness I felt was causing me to become indifferent towards my practice and my profession, and on some days I even considered not showing up for work.


Fortunately for me, I hadn’t given up completely when I was contacted by the principals of Vanguard Dental Management. They understood the reasons for the problems I was having and provided the precise solutions to them. Through them, I finally learned exactly what I needed to create the practice I always wanted. And today I have it.


This year my practice will produce approximately 2.5 million and collect 98% of that. I have been able to totally upgrade the office front to back, and double my space. I have equipped 7 operatories with new chairs, x-ray units, a laser, digital cameras, a new computer system, and all of the latest technical upgrades. All of this was paid in cash from my practice reserves.


I have eliminated all HMOs and PPOs and am a full fee-for-service practice. Insurance is a non-issue for me. My patients take advantage of their insurance, but they do what is needed regardless of their insurance coverage.


Since implementing what I learned, my personal income has increased 500%. I now take home more money than I ever thought was possible for a general dentist.


If a dentist doesn’t have the correct steps of how to make their practice a success, they end up trying all kinds of stuff promoted by the so-called experts and wind up in a tangle of conflicting ideas. I was one of those. Now I enjoy going to the office, and I am at ease and content with my life, personally and professionally. Judy Marcus and staff deliver on what they say and more.”


J.L., D.D.S.




NOTE: These testimonials are based on the experiences of a few people and you may not have similar results. Since we do not own or run your practice and cannot directly oversee or participate in implementation, we cannot guarantee specific statistical results from enrolling in our programs. We have been able to observe varying levels of improvement, depending on the degree of frequent and regular communication clients have maintained with us, and how closely they have adhered to the principles we teach, as well as their level of dedication to accomplishing such improvement in their practice, and as modified by the level of improvement they themselves desire.

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