Not too long ago, I was very dissatisfied with where I had arrived after 34 years of practicing dentistry. I didn’t want to become dependent on managed care plans, but I also didn’t know how to attract the new patients I needed. My production and collections were in a range that did not make it worth owning my own practice. I wasn’t happy with my staff set up but I didn’t know how to start changing it. Things would decline for months in a row, and when we did have a good month, I didn’t have the necessary pieces in place to build upon it and keep the practice growing, so it would always decline again.


Finally, I was frustrated enough to respond to a testimonial letter I received about Vanguard Dental Management, a consulting company I had not heard too much about. Upon speaking with them, I decided to attend their introductory program. In retrospect, I wish I had found them a lot sooner!


The first thing they did was teach me how to attract plenty of new patients. The program they presented was so simple and easy to do, it was a no-brainer. I started bringing in greater numbers of new patients and these numbers continued to increase as the months went by. What they showed me on the very first day caused my new patient “problem” to go away and never come back.


They also knew I would need help with what to do with the patients once they came in, especially since having an abundance of new patients had not been normal for us! So they gave me straightforward and practical solutions to getting my ducks in a row within my practice, so that I could actually see the return on investment for my marketing efforts.


The result is that my practice has steadily grown over the past two years. My new patient numbers, which used to average around 10 per month, are typically around 40. I am collecting and producing three times what I used to before coming to Vanguard. I have a happy and stable staff.


I have always loved dentistry and helping my patients, and I still do. Vanguard just gave me the tools I never had before to make running my practice a lot more productive and financially rewarding. This has also allowed me to invest in newer technology to better serve my patients. This is quite something to achieve at this stage in my career.


A large part of what made it possible for me to see these results was the personal attention and coaching my staff and I have received from the folks at Vanguard. They’ve been there to assist me any time I’ve hit a snag. They’ve been easy to communicate with and quick to respond with the help I needed, whether I asked for it or not. I’ve had various experiences with consulting companies in the past 25 years, some were beneficial and some were disastrous, but none of them made the difference to my practice that working with Vanguard has. They really are a different kind of company.


I encourage anyone who is less than happy with the number of new patients, the productivity, and/or the financial success of their practice to contact Vanguard right away and attend their program. Debt, worry and frustration are the only things you have to lose!


- James K. Richards, D.D.S.





NOTE: These testimonials are based on the experiences of a few people and you may not have similar results. Since we do not own or run your practice and cannot directly oversee or participate in implementation, we cannot guarantee specific statistical results from enrolling in our programs. We have been able to observe varying levels of improvement, depending on the degree of frequent and regular communication clients have maintained with us, and how closely they have adhered to the principles we teach, as well as their level of dedication to accomplishing such improvement in their practice, and as modified by the level of improvement they themselves desire.

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