Vanguard Dental Management

Your gateway to financial freedom

Decades of Experience in Private Practice Success

Every Vanguard client has direct, personal access to the principals of the company, Judy and Chris Marcus, with 45 years of combined experience assisting dentists in private practice. No matter the situation, we have the tools to help. 

Attract Enough Quality New Patients

Acquire sufficient numbers of new patients who can afford their necessary treatment – new patients with jobs, income, and financial wherewithal. Have a reliable flow of these patients arriving in your practice every month.

A Proven Pattern for Team Success

There is a correct system that allows private dental practice staff to excel, and support the dentist/owner in reaching and maintaining their practice goals. 

Build a Non-Insurance-Driven

Many dentists feel their patients are motivated to do only the treatment their insurance will cover, even when their necessary care exceeds annual insurance limits. This is often one of the toughest challenges faced by private practice owners. Addressing the real reason for this resolves this problem!

"Dramatic Improvement..."

"What made the difference? I learned how to target my marketing to more financially qualified new patients. I learned to convert almost any patient into a quality patient, even if I didn’t think they were at the start. The dramatic improvement in my case presentation skills resulted in almost all of my patients accepting the treatment that needed to be done to bring them to optimal oral health." - OO, DDS