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Why Vanguard

Like most of the practices we consult, we are a family owned small business. From the outset, our core value has always been to provide the best possible consulting and coaching to dentists who need it, at a price they can afford.

This goes back to the earliest days of our company, when a dentist came to us in trouble. He was married with two small children, in tremendous debt to creditors and the IRS, and about to lose his practice. There was no way he could pay thousands, or tens of thousands, for the help he desperately needed. In fact, he had already been down that road!

In some places, he would have politely been shown the front door. But that’s just not our way. We knew we could help him, so we did. 

With personalized consulting and coaching to help him implement our information in a month his practice was already on the rise, and within a year it was beyond million dollar level. He was able to pay off all of his debts, provide for his family, and get rid of the burden of stress.

Since that time, we have helped many more dentists, some in similar situations, some just wanting to do better.

We have consistently worked to make our services more and more affordable so any dentist who needs our help can receive it. That is where we are today. Dentists can now receive the expert help they need, without travel, without being tied to contracts, and at a fraction of the cost one might expect.

Meet Your Consultants - The Owners

Dental Consulting – Definition: The business of giving expert advice to Dental professionals, typically in business, management, financial and non-clinical matters.

Over 46 years of combined experience working specifically and only with private dental practice owners and their staff.

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Christopher Marcus


Client Testimonials

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused problems for dentists across the country. Reduced patient flow, staffing issues, financial loss, excess costs for PPE and other equipment, and more. 

We’ve been helping dentists weather recessions, natural disasters, and societal upheavals for more than three decades with proven, established strategies for practice management and growth.

We continue to utilize our experience to help our clients overcome these additional barriers to their practice and financial success.

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