The Vanguard Blueprint For Practice ProsperitySM

What if there was an exact formula, a model, a Blueprint for success, that any dentist in practice could follow in order to reach their full potential production, collections, and profitability?

What if you could learn this Blueprint in just 90 minutes, without having to spend thousands of dollars before finding out what it’s even about, without having to fly you and your staff out of town for seminars or courses?

What if you could find out all about this while sitting in your own practice or home, at a scheduled time that is convenient for you?

And what if part of the Blueprint included everything you need to know to attract a steady flow of quality new patients every month, in sufficient quantity to reach your practice goals?

Would you pay $65 to receive this information?

At a Study Club we held for some of our clients, we spotlighted a practice we had helped implement the Blueprint. They relayed to the group how they initially tried to alter or modify the model we had given them, and how deviating from it caused the practice to be less successful. But when they applied it exactly, the practice grew rapidly, and reached a level where they start the month with $100,000 production already scheduled. (General practice. One dentist. Two hygienists. Open 4 days per week.)

We know that not everyone needs or wants to grow their practice to this level, but this is just to illustrate what can be done.

You can use the Vanguard Blueprint for Practice ProsperitySM to create the practice you want, at any level.

As a result of working with Vanguard and implementing their Blueprint, my numbers in my small 3-operatory practice jumped from less than $45,000 per month to over $70,000. This allowed me to expand and open a 4th operatory this year. Space was limited and we were bursting at the seams, a much better problem to have than waiting for the phone to ring! I used to struggle to get 20 new patients per month, now I get twice as many. Since implementing the Vanguard Blueprint, almost all of my patients follow through and accept the treatment they need.


Introducing the Vanguard Blueprint Training Session

As part of this service, you will receive the following:

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• A 90 minute training session on the Vanguard Blueprint for Practice ProsperitySM. What it is. How it works. Why it works. How you can use it to build your practice to the level you want to achieve. 

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• A copy of the Vanguard Blueprint for Practice Prosperity.SM

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• Exact information on how to attract an abundance of financially qualified new patients. What works, what doesn’t, what’s cost-effective, and what gets the best return on investment.

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• A demographic survey of your area showing the number of households around your practice that meet specific income qualifications. This is where your new patients should be coming from.

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• The results of a national survey of over 100,000 dental patients showing what they actually want from a dentist and dentistry. (Hint: only 9% want to “Improve their smile”.)

A few years ago, my practice was incredibly stressful. I could barely cover the bills. I was seeing maybe 8 new patients per month, and things were just getting more and more expensive. I spent years trying different marketing and consulting programs. And after all that time we never grew. Nothing changed! I won’t lie, when I was introduced to Vanguard, I was hopeful… But not optimistic. This was likely my last shot and after looking into everything I could about them, I decided I had to trust them, and I dove in head first. From there… Everything changed. This was the single thing that turned my practice around. I now bring in between 30-35 new patients per month. It’s been incredibly easy and predictable for years. From what I learned my patients and new patients now accept and move forward with treatment at an incredibly high rate. Overall my practice has more than doubled from a stagnant $40,000 per month to over $80,000 per month (and growing still).

Stephen Huber, DDS

The Details


90 minutes, scheduled at your convenience over the phone from your home or office. Full package of personalized materials sent to you prior to the scheduled time.


The cost for the training session is $65. (Money-back guarantee if you don’t feel the information has been useful)


Your Training Session will be with Judy Marcus, President and Chris Marcus, CEO.

Training Session:
The Vanguard Blueprint For Practice ProsperitySM

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