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I thought the barriers to my practice were insurmountable... At Vanguard they had a real answer for me, a precise system, their Blueprint for Practice Prosperity.

It made perfect sense! It wasn’t a new-fangled marketing gimmick, or a cleverly disguised plan to turn my practice into a low-paying insurance dental “factory”, requiring me to add 5 associates and 12 more chairs. That’s never been my dream. It was a system specifically designed to address every aspect of, and provide workable solutions for, the type of practice I wanted to have: Productive and profitable, without sacrificing the personal touch and quality of service that is my standard.

Fast forward: As of last month, I’ve been averaging close to $100,000 in collections and production – for 5 months running! Of that, less than 50% is from insurance.

On top of that, patients are scheduled properly, recall is done properly, reactivation is working (it is now normal for us to bring back 10+ patients each month we previously thought were long gone). Really, every aspect of the practice is now being done properly, BY MY STAFF! In over 30 years of practice, I now have by far the best team I’ve ever had.

The Vanguard Blueprint system we learned and implemented in our office is ingenious.

It took me on a straight-line path from $16,000 a month to $100,000. And it is so easy to learn and implement.