How to Build a
Non-Insurance-Driven practice


What's Covered in this FREE Live Webinar:

  • How to attract a majority of financially qualified New Patients to your practice every month – patients who can afford to pay for their needed care – despite current higher unemployment levels.
  • How to ensure 100% of New Patients calling into your practice, actually arrive! (We have found over the years that many practices are losing 50% or more of their potential new patients calling in – often without the Doctor knowing this is even happening.)
  • How to successfully convert “I only want to do what my insurance will cover” patients into long term patients who fully accept and pay for their needed care.
  • How to reduce patient no-shows and cancellations.
  • How to build a strong team that is dependable and capable of supporting the type of practice you are trying to build.
  • How to overcome unique staff and production challenges being presented by the Covid 19 situation.
  • How to maintain high production and collections with new clinical guidelines in the practice.

    As part of the Webinar, you will also receive a demographic research analysis specific to your practice location. This is a count of how many financially qualified potential New Patients live in the neighborhoods surrounding your practice, and provides a reliable measure of your true “Quality” New Patient Potential.

    Then the next step: 
    How do I get these people into my Practice? This we have been helping dentists successfully achieve for over 30 years and will tell you how it is done in the Webinar!

A few years ago, my practice was incredibly stressful. I could barely cover the bills. I was seeing maybe 8 new patients per month, and things were just getting more and more expensive. I spent years trying different marketing and consulting programs. And after all that time we never grew. Nothing changed! I won’t lie, when I was introduced to Vanguard, I was hopeful… But not optimistic. This was likely my last shot and after looking into everything I could about them, I decided I had to trust them, and I dove in head first. From there… Everything changed. This was the single thing that turned my practice around. I now bring in between 30-35 new patients per month. It’s been incredibly easy and predictable for years. From what I learned my patients and new patients now accept and move forward with treatment at an incredibly high rate. Overall my practice has more than doubled from a stagnant $40,000 per month to over $80,000 per month (and growing still).

Stephen Huber, DDS

The Details


This live webinar is presented weekly on varying days and times. See below for scheduled dates and times.


Judy Marcus - President of Vanguard Dental Management
Chris Marcus - CEO of Vanguard Dental Management


45 - 55 minutes long, depending on the number and nature of the questions asked by attendees.


FREE! If you would like to speak with us afterwards to discuss your practice one-on-one, you can do so as well at no cost and no obligation.

Live Webinar:
How to Build a non-insurance-driven practice

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