"57% Higher In Collections..."

Within 2 weeks, our weekly collections went up 72% over the average weekly collections from the previous year. We ended the first month 57% higher in collections than our usual, and we have sustained that level for the second month in a row.  Our treatment acceptance has been between 90%-100%… 


"This Was The Single Thing That Turned My Practice Around…"

I now bring in between 30-35 new patients per month. It’s been incredibly easy and predictable for years. From what I learned my patients and new patients now accept and move forward with treatment at an incredibly high rate.

Overall my practice has more than doubled from a stagnant $40,000 per month to over $80,000 per month (and growing…

– Stephen Huber, DMD

"my new patients had tripled..."

Within six months of starting their program, my new patients had tripled, and production and collections had more than doubled. Shortly after that, my production and collections increased by another 50%, and I found that by continuing to apply the simple procedures they taught me, I was able to maintain these increases long term…


"For the first time ever, I have a steady flow of quality patients who want the high standard of dentistry I can provide..."

By using what I’ve learned, patients are now accepting and paying for the care they need to achieve optimal oral health. And they are thanking me for it! I also learned how to build an excellent team of staff who share my philosophy of practice. I enjoy going to work now! 

Today, my practice is growing and thriving. It turns out I’m not a failure as a business owner at all. I was just missing a few key tools that I needed to make it work.

– Jackie O’Beirne, DDS

"We found that we’d set our goal too low. Now $100,000 – $130,000 is the norm..."

Our practice is stable, and it is impervious to economic volatility!

With what we learned, we are in total control of our practice. There are no limits. We are no longer concerned about debts or finances. We have everything we need and more.

– PN, DDS and EN, Office Manager

"Total financial freedom is just a few short months away..."

Within six months after starting their program, my production had increased 100%…On my own, my practice has continually been able to produce more than double what it used to with two associates. I have a great staff, my overhead is no more than 60%, and I have been fully funding my retirement for the past one-and-a-half years.


"My numbers in my small 3-operatory practice jumped from less than $45,000 per month to over $70,000..."

I used to struggle to get 20 new patients per month, now I get twice as many. Since implementing the Vanguard (System), almost all of my patients follow through and accept the treatment they need.

– Angelina Anisimova, DDS

"I was collecting about $44,000 per month. It’s 3 months later, and I just had my best collections month ever, nearly double..."

We have had more new patients coming in to the practice, and more of them accepting the care they need…

– Young Park, DDS

Get the results you need

"Not restricted by insurance AT ALL"

We’ve gotten more new patients each month since putting this in place than I’ve seen in YEARS! And they are really quality, wonderful new patients! They can afford the treatment they need, and aren’t totally motivated by insurance...

- Michael A. Bender, DDS

"Doubled my production and collections"

In the last three months I have consistently produced and collected three times more than before. After less than a year, I am well on my way to achieving financial independence through my practice.


"My practice immediately increased"

My practice immediately increased, and grew steadily to $60,000 production and collections per month, then $80,000, and finally to an average of over $100,000 per month. Thanks to Judy i was able to reach my practice goals fast.

- Omar Osman, DDS

"Far exceeded my expectations"

I never expected that within six months of getting into my new practice, I would be earning enough to fully achieve financial independence within a couple of years. But that is exactly what has happened.