As a mother of two small children, I needed my practice to be more successful and provide a better income for my family. It seemed that I had run out of work to do on my existing patients and I was not getting enough quality new patients through insurance referrals. I knew I at least needed to do some marketing.

I tried some methods I’d heard about and the results were horrible: Some of the things I tried didn’t bring in ANY new patients, and others produced patients who had no money, and ended up doing no treatment.

It was very expensive, this trial and error approach.

Finally I contacted Vanguard in an effort to handle my new patient problem. They taught me about their “Blueprint”, a simple and common-sense approach to helping any practice reach its true potential.

As soon as I started the marketing they recommended, calls from quality new patients immediately increased. My production also increased right from the start, and it has never gone back down to where it was before.

But I also saw that getting more quality new patients was only part of the picture. I needed help with the structure of my practice, and to make sure that we were managing the patients correctly. Vanguard helped me with that too. They provided the assistance I needed to establish a well-trained and efficient team, allowing me the time to concentrate on giving quality care to my patients, while growing the practice and increasing my personal income at the same time.

As a result of working with Vanguard and implementing their Blueprint, my numbers in my small 3-operatory practice jumped from less than $45,000 per month to over $70,000. This allowed me to expand and open a 4th operatory this year. Space was limited and we were bursting at the seams, a much better problem to have than waiting for the phone to ring!

I used to struggle to get 20 new patients per month, now I get twice as many. Since implementing the Vanguard Blueprint, almost all of my patients follow through and accept the treatment they need.

My finances are in much better shape. I have been able to pay off my loans faster as well as expanding my facility.

I have no hesitation in recommending Vanguard to others who are struggling like I was…

There is no sense in being stressed out and wondering what to do when the right answers are so easily available! What I learned from Vanguard works, and it can work for you too. Call them right away at 800-337-3009.

I wish you much success!

Angelina Anisimova, DDS