Doubled my production and collections...

A year ago, I received an ad in the mail about a company who could get me more new patients without signing onto some HMO or PPO, so I sent in the response card.  Soon I received a call from Judy Marcus at Vanguard Dental Management. When I realized that this was their way to introduce their practice improvement program, I thought ‘Oh no!!!! Not another one of those seminars that promise the world and don’t deliver!  I’ve been to too many of those already!’  So I declined their offer.

A few weeks later they called again, but this time I spent some time discussing some of the problems I was having with my practice. They demonstrated a real understanding of these problems and explained how [they] could help me resolve them. Curious about the whole thing, I thought ‘what the heck, I could probably pick up a few pointers, and they seemed to know exactly what I was talking about’.

After just two months, I started seeing a marked improvement in my production and collections. Six months later, I had doubled my production and collections. In the last three months I have consistently produced and collected three times more than before. After less than a year, I am well on my way to achieving financial independence through my practice.

At first, I was the typical, nay-saying dentist. Now I’ve learned what my dental school left out and all my dreams are finally coming true! By applying the principles I learned…I am finally enjoying dentistry, reaping the rewards, and have begun building a satellite practice. Thanks…you have saved my practice, and my life!