My experience with the Judy Marcus of Vanguard Dental Consultants dates back several years. I had been to other dental consulting companies previously but unfortunately had not had a good experience.

I first contacted them in a quest to get more new patients. What I ended up getting was so much more!

The tools and training I received in the few short months I spent with them gave me the ability to handle any personal or professional situation I would encounter. Even though my initial goal was to get more patients, I discovered this was not the real problem. Just applying the principles they taught me with my existing patients immediately kick-started my practice. Suddenly patients that had been declining treatment for years were happily paying, scheduling and getting their work done. The first day after my training, my receptionist came to the back and asked me what I was saying to the patients – she couldn’t believe the difference!

Learning the correct organizational structure for a practice has given me greater confidence in running my practice than all of my previous management courses combined. I have established a wonderful team that works together smoothly and efficiently. I know how to properly evaluate my own practice and resolve anything that ever gets in the way of it producing what it should. I am in complete control of my practice finances and overhead to the point that I never have to worry about it.

Getting control of my practice has made going to work fun again!

Using what I learned, I have grown my practice to an incredible profitable level which has allowed me to take on an associate. During the process of negotiating a partnership agreement, I made it clear that I would not take on a partner unless she participated with Vanguard in the same training program I had done. The fee for this program was minimal considering the value you get for your money, but for a young practitioner, it was something of an investment. However, because of her trust in me, she paid for the program. She now thanks me on a regular basis for “making her” go to Vanguard.

The best part is that this training gives you the tools not only to take control of your practice, but also your life. Without it, I would not have the great practice and beautiful family that I do today.

I have referred some of my close colleagues to Vanguard without hesitation, and I would recommend them to any practice owner who has not yet achieved his or her goals, professionally, financially and personally.

Ingo Mahn, DDS