57% Higher In Collections...

Before coming to Vanguard, our practice was stuck at a level where we were surviving, but not growing, and there was no surplus with which to improve the practice or incentivize the staff. In fact, we were steadily declining. Our new patients numbers were not in a good range, but even when we would see more of them, our production and collections did not improve. Our treatment acceptance was largely based on maximizing patient insurance benefits, and not so much what the patients really needed to achieve optimal oral health.

As soon as we started working with Vanguard, we changed the way we were doing things, according to their recommendations. On the second day, we got prepayment on a $13,000 case! Patients who had been putting off their needed treatment for years were now accepting their full treatment plans.

Within 2 weeks, our weekly collections went up 72% over the average weekly collections from the previous year. We ended the first month 57% higher in collections than our usual, and we have sustained that level for the second month in a row.  Our treatment acceptance has been between 90%-100%.

All of this is even before our marketing has really kicked in.

All we did was follow the simple and easy to understand steps we were given, and it worked! We have received incredible value from Vanguard!