A little over 2 years ago my wife and I were facing some difficult decisions. My wife is an excellent dentist and very conscientious about the quality of care she provides to patients. Working as a part-time associate in different practices wasn’t providing the job satisfaction she desired, nor was it meeting the financial needs of our young family. She certainly wasn’t being adequately compensated for the time, work and money she’s invested into becoming the highly skilled professional she is. My background is in business and technology and at the time I was running my own small software company.

Our situation was uncomfortable to say the least. My wife loved the idea of having her own practice that would really reflect her level of knowledge and patient care, but we didn’t know where to begin. The prospect seemed very daunting and finances were very tight as we were just coming out of a recession. Then a colleague referred us to Judy Marcus of Vanguard Dental Consultants.

Judy and staff helped us find the right situation for us, something we could afford that would also allow us to grow the practice the way we intended. We ended up starting a practice from scratch.

This was scary; neither of us had ever run a practice before and we were starting out with not even one patient! But with Judy’s help, we dialed in a marketing strategy to bring in quality new patients from Day One and the results occurred exactly as planned! In our first month, we saw over 30 new patients, and we averaged 58 new patients per month every month thereafter. By our 3rd month in practice we began taking a paycheck and considered our business a success.

With Judy’s help, we learned exactly how to manage these new patients, so as to turn these quality new patients into long-term patients of the practice. We had the systems in place to get the vast majority of them to stay in the practice, initiate treatment, and become part of our patient base. Because of this, we were able to build a foundation for a successful and profitable practice right from the beginning. This is why, less than 2 years into our new practice, we have reached a level of production and collections that many dentists struggle to reach even when they’ve been at it for 10 – 20 years. The same marketing strategies, tools and systems that we established from the get-go continue to work for us with only minor tweaks and we expect to continue with the trends we have established.

Looking back, it’s truly hard to believe how far we’ve come in such a short time. Financially we’ve made tremendous progress and our future is very bright. We are certain that we never could have done it if we hadn’t had the right model to follow, along with an extraordinary amount of care and attention from our consultants.

For sure, there have been some bumps in the road. Sometimes our consultations seemed more like therapy sessions, but Judy and her staff were always there for us. It was clear that they took our success personally. Even though it was stressful at times (sometimes really stressful!) they continued to help and encourage us. Their patience, persistence, caring, and confidence helped us ride out the rough spots, and we always knew we could count on them for help.

If your practice is not performing to the level you need and expect (or if you don’t have a practice yet), you could not do better than to contact Judy Marcus at Vanguard and talk to her about how she can help you. It is doubtful you will find any other consultant that’s as caring and dedicated to your success.

Cri Boratenski, Office Manager