We found that we’d set our goal too low. Now $100,000 – $130,000 is the norm...

We used to have what we considered a mediocre dental practice. We were doing “just OK”…Production and collections were plateaued, and we didn’t know how to grow the practice in a controlled, organized way. Our financial obligations seemed huge. We had personal and business debts and three small children to take care of. We were frustrated and stressed, and we didn’t know what to do about it.

Everything changed when we started working with Judy Marcus… Our practice has never been the same since.

Almost immediately after implementing the marketing strategy we learned, our new patients changed from those who couldn’t afford our services to those who could. This made our work much easier! As for the rest of the program, it gave us the power to really do what we’re here for – to help our patients. We learned how to help our patients prioritize needed treatment so that today we aren’t affected by insurance limitations.

We actually started getting results from the program on the first day after we started! Our production went up and stayed up. We found that we’d set our goal too low ($80,000 per month). Now $100,000 – $130,000 is the norm. At first we were a little nervous about whether it would stay this way, but now there is no question about it. Our practice is stable, and it is impervious to economic volatility!

With what we learned, we are in total control of our practice. There are no limits. We are no longer concerned about debts or finances. We have everything we need and more.

We had spoken with other consulting companies, but they didn’t seem to understand our problems, and some of them also wanted a lot of money up front just to find out about their program. With Judy Marcus and Vanguard, we felt very comfortable with their approach. We liked the concept of working with a small company where our consultants were the owners of the company. They always had time to talk to us, and they delivered what they promised way beyond our expectations.

If you need your practice to do better, whatever the problem seems to be, we strongly advise you to work with Judy Marcus and Vanguard Dental Management. You will get the answers you need, as we did.

PN DDS, and EN, Office manager