my new patients had tripled...

About four years ago, I was contacted by a practice consulting company. I had responded to a postcard mailer they had sent me. At the time, I was just in the process of starting up a new practice, and I did not feel I was ‘ready’ for a consultant.

One and a half years later, I was still in a ‘new practice’ mode. In other words, I was not achieving even close to my potential for new patients, production and collections. Some of my colleagues had told me it would take 3 to 5 years to build my practice and that what I was going through was only natural. But Judy Marcus at Vanguard gave me a different opinion. So this time when they called me, I decided to see how they could help.

Within six months of starting their program, my new patients had tripled, and production and collections had more than doubled. Shortly after that, my production and collections increased by another 50%, and I found that by continuing to apply the simple procedures they taught me, I was able to maintain these increases long term. Last month, I had my best month ever, producing and collecting over four times what I was doing when I first went to Vanguard.

I am now completely confident that I can rapidly achieve financial security and freedom through my practice for myself and my family, and I am doing it. The only thing I could have done better was start [their program] sooner.