Far exceeded my expectations...

When I first contacted Judy Marcus, I was in the middle of selling my 4 operatory sole-practitioner practice and buying into a 12 operatory, multi-provider facility. I was very concerned about starting off the right way in my new practice, as I knew that the decisions I was making would greatly affect my future, both professionally and financially.

Right from the start, the advice I received from Judy was excellent. I was able to prevent future hassles and problems, and be in a position of greater security than if I had not followed their advice.

Six weeks into the program, my practice went up 50% in production and collections. I had already made a 100% return on my investment. Since then, every increase has been profit for me.

I never expected that within six months of getting into my new practice, I would be earning enough to fully achieve financial independence within a couple of years. But that is exactly what has happened.

Initially, I was skeptical about whether I was going to achieve a worthwhile result from any dental consulting company. The results I have gotten have by far exceeded my expectations.