What A Few Of Our clients have had to say since
re-opening from Covid-19 shutdowns

"I've Just had my best 6 months ever in practice..."

Since re-opening from the shutdown, my practice is doing fantastic! I’m on pace to make my million dollar goal this year, even with being shut for over a month. I’ve just had my best 6 months ever in practice! My marketing is working just as well as it ever has and I’m seeing a substantial number of great new patients every month. The Vanguard Blueprint is the reason. It truly works and continues to work, and having their system in place gives me confidence that I can and will have a successful practice no matter what happens.


"Sustainable practice growth... regardless of enhanced restrictions"

The Vanguard Blueprint has given us a real system for sustainable practice growth and success regardless of enhanced restrictions due to Covid-19. We are continuing to see high production, and collections. We’re also seeing a great number of quality new patients thanks to the marketing strategies they helped us implement. With Vanguard’s experience, they were able to help us rapidly resolve the additional difficulties presented by the present environment and have a fantastic, successful practice.


"We have had 4 straight months collecting over $110,000 per month..."

I was a bit nervous about how things would go after re-opening from the Covid shutdown. My practice had been experiencing very substantial growth with Vanguard’s help before the shutdowns, and we weren’t sure if things would be much more difficult now. Judy and Chris reassured me that all of my goals were still possible. They continued to help me implement their system, and the results were undeniable! We have had 4 straight months collecting over $110,000 per month, while seeing over 30 new patients on average. It’s safe to say what they do works, regardless of the present challenges.


"Covid restrictions and challenges have not slowed us down at all..."

 I almost can’t believe it, but my practice is continually collecting over $100,000 per month since reopening, and that’s with less volume than I used to see. Covid restrictions and challenges have not slowed us down at all. The Vanguard system really is the answer to a higher production, lower volume, lower stress practice. They really do have the answers to deal with anything that comes!


"Our practice has bounced back fully... even higher than we were seeing before"

The Vanguard system has helped us get back on our feet. We had fairly long shutdowns in our area, and the restrictions have not been easy to deal with. But because of the help we had received from Judy and Chris, we knew what to do. Our practice has bounced back fully, to a level of production, collections and new patients even higher than we were seeing before.