WHo We are

Judy Marcus - President

Judy Marcus has been helping general dentists in private practice for over 30 years.

In 1989 she and her husband started a dental seminar and training company, where Judy was a keynote speaker and executive in charge of operations.

When they founded Vanguard Dental Management in 2000, their goal was to create a different kind of company, one that would provide practice owners and their staff with personalized consulting and assistance specifically geared to resolving those issues that prevent rapid achievement of practice growth and profitability. And to provide this assistance in a manner that is both maximally accessible and affordable.

Outside of work Judy enjoys spending time with her family and pursuing outdoor activities. She and her husband love the natural beauty of Colorado and spend much of their free time outdoors appreciating the abundant scenery and wildlife.

Chris Marcus - CEO

Chris Marcus has spent 13 years working with dentists as a part of Vanguard Dental Management.

Chris specializes in the key areas driving practice growth and income, including marketing, case acceptance and financial planning. He has worked extensively in the research and development of marketing and advertising avenues for dentists, focusing particularly on the acquisition of financially qualified new patients. He can give any practice owner the exact specifics as to what works, what doesn’t and why, and provide the best course of action for their individual situation and practice goals.

Chris has spent his entire working career in the field of dentistry, and has a passion for helping practice owners truly understand how to succeed in their small business without all the unnecessary complexities.

Chris enjoys spending time with his wife Danelle, who is also part of the Vanguard team, their son Liam, and their 3 dogs.

Gareth Jones - Client Services Coordinator

Gareth has been a loyal and committed member of the Vanguard team for nearly 10 years. He works with all Vanguard clients to ensure they have what they need throughout their program. Gareth coordinates appointments with Judy and Chris and collects important client information and reports.

Clients value Gareth’s hard work and dedication to assisting them so they can fully utilize Vanguard’s help and resources. Dentists and their team members consistently comment on how Gareth has helped them receive the necessary attention to facilitate their work with the Principals of Vanguard.